Health, Safety, & Environmental

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Our commitment to total customer satisfaction goes well beyond industry standards.  We strive to maintain a culture of excellence by demonstrating visible leadership and an unmeasurable concern for our employees, those of our customers, and the environment.  Each and every Cardinal employee has the authority and recognizes the obligation to utilize “Stop Work Authority” when he/she recognizes a potentially hazardous condition that may endanger people or the environment.  Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection are the responsibilities of each employee of Cardinal Services.

  • Developing and nurturing a culture within the company that sustains excellent commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection;
  • Providing resources for employee training in QHSE and job-specific skills and knowledge;
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations; and utilize best management practices when regulations and laws are not present;
  • Minimizing our environmental footprint by reducing consumption, preventing pollution, and reducing and recycling wastes when practical;
  • Promote ongoing efforts to continuously improve upon the Safety Management System’s performance and effectiveness by setting objectives and targets;
  • Perform evaluations and inspections of facilities and field locations, in addition to our equipment

Cardinal Companies are members of ISN, PEC, NCMS, DISA and other relevant industry associations. Below are the ISNetworld Accounts for each company:

Cardinal Slickline, LLC
Cardinal Coil Tubing, LLC
Vesco Rental & Pressure Control, LLC